The ES-Toolkit is IFC’s environment and social assessment engine, designed to assist managers of private equity funds in assessing and managing the environment and social risks and opportunities associated with their investments. Organized by commonly recognized phases of private equity investment (screening, appraisal, management/exit), the ES-Toolkit guides users through the environment and social tasks of each phase in parallel with the financial aspects. At each phase, it provides a description of the tasks that need to be addressed, as well as resources and document templates needed to ensure that the tasks are addressed satisfactorily.
Swiss Confederation

International Finance Corporation

The ES-Toolkit does not replace a fund manager’s conduct of environment and social risk assessment on prospective investments, or the monitoring of environment and social Action Plans designed to improve the environmental and social soundness of the investment.

It is an aid to risk assessment and investment management, providing a standardized format and readily available resources to improve the thoroughness and consistency of the risk assessment and management process, thereby leading to reduction of environment and social risk and added value across the fund manager’s portfolio.

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